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What I did to my Tumblr theme

This is going to be a living document so I apologize in advance if you get tired of seeing it

The theme I’m using now is Urban V3.1 from http://themes.themaxdavis.com/ which gives you the basic layout that I have now with a lot of options for customization. What I did to it was:
-Scrolling text title bar
-Custom banner
-change page padding height
-Changed sidebar page position height
-changed sidebar font from page font
-took away the sidebar portrait
-added custom pic to sidebar
-Added custom drop down menu & “Extra Links button” for Twitter, Youtube & Skype

That’s all I can remember right now….lol

*somewhere during this very early period SCM Music Player

I’m considering adding my Tumblr crushes or a tumblr roll of my followers.
Let me know what you think.

The majority of everything else is built in customization. It’s a really good theme.

-Update I’ve added the Tumblr crushes to my page but I’m still trying to figure out 3 things:
*Fixing it’s position which shouldn’t be too difficult
*Working out the image size & spacing
*and seeing if it’s a living, updating element the same way it functions on the dashboard

My Life Story As Dictated By Unamed Source
Page built from scratch & no-control background music embedded.

*Tumblr crush scrapped

Highlighted NSFW blinking picture

*New pic blog added. http://mmfgpics.tumblr.com/
-Custom image link button in “Extra Links” drop-down
-Follow & join buttons removed.

-Soundclick http://www.soundcloud.com/mardigraz718/ link Easter eggs added.
-Custom logo cursor

-NSFW link
-/tagged/Mmfg link = Mrmmfg2u.tumblr.com/tagged/mmfg

Super late update
Tardis image = Mrmmfg2u.tumblr.com/tagged/Doctor-who
Finn image  = Mrmmfg2u.tumblr.com/tagged/Adventure-Time
Mmfgtv blog and link image = Mmfgtv.tumblr.com
Revolver map
*Them* = Mrmmfg2u.tumblr.com/g1rlzILuv

More to come as soon as I figure out how to use flash and place easter egg a bit better

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